Morpheus had long traversed The Matrix in search of The One: Someone with the power to bend and manipulate the Matrix’s rules to their will. He had been following a long line of clues leading to another ‘potential’, and his latest lead had the most promise of any he could remember.

Morpheus held two fingers to his right ear.

“Cipher, location.”

“5 blocks north. The Agents haven’t noticed you yet, thank God.” Cipher replied.

Morpheus came upon a large crowd on the sidewalk, congregated around a man sitting on a stool, who was adorned in a fancy looking suit and a top hat.

“It’s him,” Morpheus thought. “Neil.”

Neil had a command over The Matrix that Morpheus couldn’t begin to fathom. Neil took his top hat off of his head, reached his hand into it, and pulled a rabbit from its depths, seemingly materializing it from nothing. Morpheus’ eyes widened behind his sunglasses, mouth agape at this mastery over The Matrix.

Neil momentarily stopped and sneezed. Morpheus approached him and offered a handkerchief. Neil held his hand up to decline, and took a handkerchief from his own sleeve. And another. And another! Neil proceeded to pull a seemingly infinite number of handkerchiefs from his sleeve!

This was all Morpheus needed. He turned around. “Cipher. He’s The One.”


Neil and Morpheus sat across from each other in a decrepit, aging room, its antique Victorian furniture torn and discolored from years of neglect.

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time, Neil.” Morpheus explained. “The Oracle has prophesied that one would be born, one with the power to control The Matrix, able to bend and break its rules. Neil, I believe that you are The One.”

Morpheus extended two fists, and opened them dramatically. In his left hand, the blue pill. “Take the blue pill,” Morpheus explained, “and you will forget this ever happened. You’ll go back to your normal life, your normal job. You’ll stay in the fantasy.”

“Take the red pill, and this all goes away. You will come with me, you will seek out your destiny as The One, and you will come to understand The Matrix and its true purpose.”

Neil reached out his hand, took the blue pill, and placed it in his mouth. Morpheus frowned, surprised. Then Neil opened his mouth, the red pill sitting atop his extended tongue! Morpheus looked back at his hands, and somehow the two had been switched! Morpheus’ face wrinkled in confusion.

Neil then reached behind Morpheus’ ear, and took the red pill from behind it! Morpheus struggled to maintain composure.

“Incredible.” Morpheus uttered, shaking his head.


Morpheus had just been rescued by Neil and Trinity from the Agents’ grasp, and both Morpheus and Trinity had successfully escaped just in time to avoid them. However, just as Neil was putting his ear to the pay-phone receiver to escape, the receiver exploded, shot by an agent, trapping Neil!

“Damnit!” Morpheus exclaimed. “He’s not read-“ Trinity stopped Morpheus, grasping his shoulder reassuringly.

“He can do this.”

The agent quickly approached Neil from behind, grimacing angrily. He grabbed Neil’s shoulder and violently flung Neil around. He raised his fist to attack Neil, but suddenly noticed that the man he was attacking wasn’t Neil at all. This man looked just like Neil, except he was wearing thick glasses, had a big nose, bushy eyebrows and a mustache.

“Oh…” The agent lowered his fist, turning to see where Neil went. “Sorry.” The agent strode away in search.

Morpheus and Trinity watched the code of The Matrix trickle down the computer monitor, amazed at what they were seeing.

“He… he changed his face! He’s manipulating the Matrix!” Morpheus knew that Neil would change humanity’s fate forever.