So we're working on a game we've been thinking about for a long time called Demon Dater. @ClarkJewett has been working on the music for awhile, before we stopped work on the first version of it. I fucking love the sound of it.

I asked @ClarkJewett to write his thoughts about Demon Dater Demo so that I or we could formulate an interesting blog post about them. But his loose thoughts on it are just, great, so here they are:

When I was working on demon dater I was inspired pretty heavily by Shoji Meguro and Shu Takumi. Demon Dater in my mind has always been about bold characters. Each demon you meet is strongly attached to certain character traits, not unlike the way Takumi writes his characters in Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick. Shoji Meguro writes the music for Shin Megami Tensei, which is a series about summoning demons in a cyberpunk future (usually). Basically, I asked myself “What if Shu Takumi made a visual novel set in Tokyo Millennium” 

Once I was several songs in, the soundtrack also started to take form in an interesting way in my mind. It started to feel like a musical. While I didn't explicitly ever right them down a lot of the songs have “lyrics” that reflect what is supposed to be happening in the plot. I leaned into this concept and when I started writing a song I asked myself “If this was a play, who would sing this song? What would they be saying?” 

A minor touch that also started as an unconscious germ was the fact that the music that has to do with power structures (Cor Novum and LAW) are very classically composed. If you stripped away all the electronic components and played them on piano or arranged them for a classical ensemble they'd sound pretty at home. To a lesser extent, Theres also something very square about the rhythm section (when I say square I mean theres an evenness to the drums/bass/rhythm guitar) in these as well as Righteous Pursuit. Even though the melody has a very languid meter in that song, the guitars and drums are very steady. Contrast with Blood on the Rocks which is supposed to be a place curated for demons which has a more breathing rhythmic structure.   -@ClarkJewett

Isn't that fucking good? I know little about music but I love reading Clark's thoughts on it. Goddamn. -@jrdptttt